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Either you are a newcomer or the most expert professional, training still remains the key factor in every career.

Complying with regulations in an effective manner and identifying the coming changes, it's always challenging. 


Training Programs

Image by Ken Yam

In Preparation

Airport Handling Agent

The ramp coordinator

Image by Philipp Katzenberger

Coming soon!

Flight Dispatcher - Flight Operations Officer

The heart of an airline

Image by Franz Harvin Aceituna

In Preparation

Flight Operations Engineer

Looking after, behind the scenes


Professional training

We are committed to quality training for aviation professionals. Only after years of experience, training programs fulfilling real-world and regulatory demands and needs can be developed. Training content is elaborated by professionals and it is provided by means of e-learning tools. Professional support is always available. The combination of all elements secures the flexibility, availability, and required quality.

Projects and Cooperation

ACK is proudly involved in research and cooperation projects with several entities. Either helping in the development of new tools to achieve safer and cleaner skies or providing knowledge to students. Find out more