Experience. Quality. Professionalism

ACK is the result of more than fifteen years of experience in aviation. Over the years, I have had the chance to develop my career in several roles, which has given me a wide background.


I possess experience in Flight Dispatch, Flight Operations, Maintenance and Engineering fields, and Airport Operations.

Now, the in-deep knowledge and experience acquired in several roles and fields are shaped into the Training Programs offered.

I have also been acting as a Flight Planning Product owner for a renowned airline. Developing a wide variety of tasks related to Flight Planning, as well as back-office tasks and the implementation of modules or features to comply and adapt to regulations.

Moreover, I have been acting as a Navigation and Performance Supervisor. A role that gave me the opportunity to achieve experience in leading a team and be responsible for it.

I have had the chance to work with two airlines with different perspectives. From short-haul European operations to worldwide long haul etops flights. Also, with both main aircraft manufacturers.

Regarding academics, I own a profound theoretical knowledge due to my Aeronautical Engineering and the Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. Also, as a university professor, I have had the chance to teach aeronautical subjects with passion. 

I have taken part in most of the Flight Operations courses provided by Airbus. I have become familiar with AIRBUS philosophy and environment and it has given me a very specific and unique knowledge, highly valuable on the daily job.

For all these reasons it is believed that the Training Programs offered by ACK will fulfill your expectations, either you are discovering this world or you are a professional.


Training Programs are a quality product, based on knowledge and experience, made with passion.