Consulting & Teaching

How will this affect my network?

Do I need to implement any modification in my fleet?


Do I need to revise my manuals?


How do I apply for it? Is it worth it to contract that service?


Which is the best provider for me?

Do I need to provide additional training?


These among many other questions may arise within an organization. Having a consulting service will help you in making the right decision.

Whether you need to implement a new subject or specific knowledge is required, aviation-related teaching is also available.

Projects and Cooperation

Dispatcher3 Advisory Board 

ACK is part of the Dispatcher3 Advisory Board. Dispatcher3 will enhance airline operations by improving the dispatching and flight operating processes, providing an infrastructure able to lever on historical data and machine learning techniques to systematically estimate the variability between planned and executed flight plans.


Aviation Business Classes 

ACK gives classes at the Aviation Business students at Haaga-Helia University on the subjects:

- Leading Sales and Business Development
- Aviation Business Basics

Providing aviation knowledge from an operational and financial perspective.