To whom are addressed Complete Training Programs?

Complete Training Programs are addressed to anyone ranging between no knowledge to advanced knowledge. They contain the basic topics and concepts of each subject, up to in deep content.

To whom are addressed Recurrent Training Programs?

Recurrent Training Programs are addressed either to active personal or with previous experience. Recurrent training covers the mandatory subjects to comply with regulations and to keep personal up to date.  

Is a Certificate of Achievement provided?

Yes, a personalized Certificate of Achievement is provided for each Candidate. It contains the Candidate's data as well as the Training Program details and duration.

Which is the language used in the Training Program?

The language used in the Training Program is English.

How long do the licenses last?

A license for a Complete Training Program lasts for 1 year. A license for a recurrent Training Program lasts for 6 months.

Are live sessions available?

Yes, live sessions via web conference for solving doubts or for a specific topic are available. 


Are Recurrent Training Programs customizable?

Yes, they can be customized and adapted to every airline need or type of operation.

Are Training Records provided?

Yes, training records are provided. Tests results are provided for every candidate. They contain results for each test as well as the overall result of the Training Program.

Which platform is used to conduct the Training Program?

Training Programs are conducted by using Talent LMS. A dedicated online training platform. It offers access via computer or via mobile app.

Is support available?

Absolutely. Both technical and subject-related support is provided to all Candidates 24/7.